Indiana Harbor Belt Photographs   

-   Locomotives and Slugs   -

   Main Line, Yards, Terminals, Towers   

Main Line



Blue Island

Michigan Ave.

Dolton Jct

Port of Indiana

Lakefront Yard

Gibson Yard


Photos of Gensets and Dual Fuel Locomotives

IHB Photos by Paul Meyer

IHB Photos by Dennis Schmidt

Steam Engine Photos

IHB Photos by Tim Vermande

IHB Photos by Mike Rapchak

Offbeat IHB Photos

Cabooses of the IHB

IHB Photos by Spence Ziegler

IHB photos on the Fallen Flags website

IHB photos on Railroad Picture Archives

Library of Congress IHB Photos

Type "Indiana Harbor Belt" in the search box. A few of these photos are actually of the Belt Railway.


Please feel free to submit photos, especially old paint schemes and steam.
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