Miscellaneous IHB Photos

Here are some unusual shots that might be of interest.

A photo and data chart of IHB's two H10-44 Fairbanks Morse units. They didn't work out well and the Harbor
sold them to NYC in 1950. Photo courtesy of Lightnin'.

In the late '90s, IHB leased some ex-SP and ex-Seaboard SW1500s. Here are 1502 and 1506
at work on the main line. Photo by Dennis Schmidt

Gasp! A Harbor train on rival EJ&E track. IHB has trackage rights on the J's Whiting Branch.
Photo by Dennis Schmidt

IHB briefly leased four SD40 tunnel motors from GECX in 2003. Here's one of them. Photo by Mike Rapchak

A sad sight to see: SW9 9008 being scrapped at Gibson Shops. Mike Rapchak photo

In late 2003, IHB leased some switchers from LTE. Here's 9569. Mike Rapchak photo

Nearly all of IHB's rolling stock consists of coil cars, flat cars and gondolas. So this ex-B&O
hopper is a rarity. Photo by Jack Persoon

More oddities: ex-Penn Central open top hoppers. Photo by Jack Persoon

Interior of GP40-2 4018. Photo by Doug Kaniuk

IHB's "engineering bus". Photo by Doug Kaniuk

SD39-2 3901 is a former Copper Basin unit. IHB leased it from Helm in
1996 and kept it for about five years

In the late 1990s, IHB leased two Conrail SD40s. Here's 4002 (ex-803).
"IHB" is lettered on the battery box

In 1995, the Harbor leased two Conrail GP10 rebuilds. Here's one of them.
Photo courtesy of Sam Beck

NW2 8786 pulls a cut of hot metal ("bottle") cars near Indiana Harbor. The cars haul molten iron
from Mittal Steel's ex-LTV plant in East Chicago to their steel-making plant at Riverdale, Illinois.
The gondolas spread the weight of the train for travelling over bridges. Kevin Heggi photo

IHB serves several steel plants in East Chicago. Here's a look at a switcher and slug at one of those
plants. "ISG" stands for International Steel Group. It was merged into Mittal Steel in 2004
Photo by Kevin Heggi

A brand spanking new hi-rail vehicle. Photo by Sam Beck

A General Railway Signal advertisement in Railway Age, 1926, touting their new
retarder system at Blue Island Yard. Courtesy of Sam Beck

The Harbor's headquarters building at Gibson. Photo by Sam Beck

In February 2008, IHB tested this NREX genset with three 700hp diesel engines. Both
management and train crews were very impressed with it. Photo by Ryan Kertis

Another genset was tested in November, 2008, this one from Railpower. Photo by Sam Beck

Yes, the Harbor has its own flag. Saluting is optional

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