Chicago Transit Authority

Paper Transfers

The Chicago Transit Authority use to issue paper transfer. The transfers allow you to switch between routes, both bus and el. General description: most transfers had a map of the city (grid in increments of 15). Black lines, dash lines and dotted line indicated major CTA bus and L routes. The route that issued the transfer was printed in red, both the text and route on the map. Below are transfers from about 1968 to about 1980.

"L" (Rapid Transit): Elevated transfers were issued by either a station agent or conductor on the train. The transfers were either dark green or dark blue.

Bus lines: Bus transfers were off white, with printing in red, sometimes in blue for the text. The routes were always in red.

Other: Before the paper transfer was phased out, the CTA use transfers that had the route numbers on them. Also in this category are the special transfers, such as the all day pass and the id check which was used on the evanston express and for transfering between EL and subway. Also include is a Pace (suburban) bus transfer.

On the back The back of the transfers was orginally blank, then the CTA put infomration, safety tips, poems and job offer. Finally, rules and regulation occupied the back of the transfers.
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