Chicago Transit Authority

Bus Transfers

Numbered 16th-18th, 26th-31st, 35th, 43rd-Root, 47th, 51st, 55th, 59th-61st, 63rd, 63rd Limited,
63rd-65th, 67th-69th, 71st, 74th-75h, 79th, 83rd-95th, 87th, 103rd-106th, 111th-115th
A Adams, Addison, Addison Express, Addison Limted, Archer, Archer Express, Archer Expressway,
Armitage, Ashland, Ashland-35th, Ashland-Downtown, Austin
B Belmont, Blue Island-26th, Broadway
C Canal-Wacker, Central, Central Limited, Cermak, Chicago, Cicero, Clask, Cottage Grove
D Devon-Cicero, Devon-Northwest Express, Devon-Sheridan, Diversey, Diversey-Logn Square,
Division, Douglas, Douglas Extension, Drexel-Hyde Park, Drexel-Hyde Park Limited
E East Belmont, Elston, Elston-Clybourn
F Forster, Foster-Central, Foster-Lawrence, Foster-Northwest, Foster-Northwest-Bell&Howell, Fullerton
G Garfield, Garfield Express, Garfield limited, Garfield-55th, Grand
H Halsted, Halsted-downtown, Harlem, Harrison, Higgins, Hyde Park, Hyde Park Limited
I Indiana, Irving Park
J Jackson, jackson limited, Jackson-Independence, Jeffery Limited
K Kedize-California, Kedize-Homan, Kimball, Kimball-Homan, King Drive, King Drive Limited
L La Salle, La Salle Express, La Salle-Sheriden Express, Lake, Laramie, Lawrence,
Limcoln-Larrabee, Lincoln-Wabash, Lunt-Touhy, Lunt-Touhy-Bell&Howell
M Madison, Marquette, michigan-State-Wacker, Milwaukee, Milwaukee Limited, Montrose
Montrose-Lawrence, Morgan-Racine
N North, North Limited, North California, North Central, North Damen, North Milwaukee<
North Western, North-Narragansett, North-Narragansett-Irving Park, Northwest Highway
O O'Hare, Ogden, Odgen Downtown, Ohio-Depots, Ohio-Union Sta
P Pershing, Peterson, Peterson-Bell&Howell, Pulaski, Pullman
R Riverdale-111th, Roosevelt, Roscoe
S Sheridan, Sheridan Limited, Skokie, Skokie-Howard, South California, South Chicago Express,
South Cicero, South Damen, South Deering, South Halsted, South Kedize, South Michigan
South park, South park limited, South Pulaski, South Western, Southport, State,
State limited, Stony Island
T Taylor-Sheffield
V Vincennes-111th, Vincennes-111h Express
W Wallace-Racine, Washington Express, wentworth, West 103th, West 31st, West 47th,
Wset 79th, West Fullerton, West Irving Park, westchester, western, Wilson, Wilson Express
Y Yates-95th
  Contributions welcome, we are looking for examples of all bus lines and former streetcar lines.
Also, transfers from Chicago Moter Coach and suburban bus lines