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 railroad track

These train gifs were inspired by Dan Klitzing and others, some are modified copies, others are orginal.
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 railroad track

The Shortline Railroads

Belt Railway of Chicago
BRC GP10 left BRC  GP10 right GP10
BRC GP38 left BRC  GP38 right GP38
BRC SD40 left BRC  SD40 right SD40
BRC SW1500 left BRC  SW1500 right SW1500
BRC SD slug SD Slug unit
BRC Ballast car Ballast Hopper

Bloomer SW1200 left Bloomer SW120010 right SW1200

Chesapeake & Indiana (Indiana Box Car)
IBCX GP16 left IBCX GP16 right  GP16
IBCX GP20 left IBCX GP20 right  GP20

Chicago Chemung
CC SW7 left CC SW7 right  SW 7

Chicago Fort Wayne & Eastern
CFE GP38 left CFW GP38 right  GP38

Chicago Heights Terminal Transfer
CHTT Gondola Gondola

Chicago Terminal Railroad
ctm  sw8left ctm sw8right  SW8
ctm sw1500 left ctm sw1500 right  SW1500
ctm gp10 left ctm gp10 right  GP10

Central Illinois RR (DOT Rail Services)
CIRY sw1200 left CIRY  sw1200right  SW1200
CIRY  sw9 blue left CIRY   sw9 blue right  SW9
CIRY  sw9 grey left CIRY   sw9 grey right  SW9
CIRY  sw9 q left CIRY   sw9 q right  SW9
CIRY  sw9 i left CIRY   sw9 i right  SW9

Elgin Joliet & Eastern
EJ&E GP38 left EJ&E GP38 right GP38
EJ&E SW1200 Brown left EJ&E SW1200 brown right SW1200-mud brown
EJ&E SW1200  left green EJ&E SW1200 right green SW1200-green
EJ&E box car Box car version 1
EJ&E box car Box car version 2
EJ&E box car Box car version 3
EJ&E coil car Coil car
EJ&E hopper car Hopper car
EJ&E flat car Flat car
EJ&E caboose Transfer caboose

Erie Western
 Covered Hopper - grain

Indiana Harbor Belt
IHB SD20 left IHB SD20 right SD20
IHB SW1500 left IHB SW1500 right SW1500
IHB PB left IHB PB right Power Booster
IHB gondola Gondola - (NYC green)
IHB caboose Transfer caboose
IHB SD20 NP left IHB SD20 right SD20 New Paint
IHB SW1500 left IHB SW1500 right SW1500 New Paint

Joliet Junction
JJ SW1500 left JJ SW1500 right SW1500
JJ cabose left JJ caboose right Caboose

Kankakee Beaverville & Southern
KBS GP38 leftKBS GP38 right GP38

Wisconsin &Southern
WSOR GP9 leftWSOR GP9 right GP9

 railroad track

Industrial Railroads

Hoffman Transportation
hoffman sw1200 lefthoffman sw1200 right sw1200

contractor 15t leftcontractor 15t right 15 ton

 railroad track

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 railroad track

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 railroad track