Static Railroad Equipment

Past and Present

This is a listing of static railroad equipment.
The definition of static railroad equipment is equipment that is on display, used as restaurants, used for storage, etc.
The listing for the area is not complete, more will added in the future.
If you have pictures or knowledge of static equipment, you can contribute to this web site.
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Area covered: Northeastern Illinois and Northwestern Indiana (for now)

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A thanks to the following contributors for information and pictures:

Bill Gustason, Charles Castle, Damion Pinta, Doug Kaniuk
Fred Hilgenberg, George Milkowski, Jim Evenson
John Petit, Michael Pompili, Michael Riha, Mike Wendricks
Northwest Indiana Railroad Preservation Society
Roger Kirkpatrick, Ryan Kertis, Sam Beck, Skip Gatermann
Tim Ytrehalf, Tom Burke, Tom Golden, Alan Gornik

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UPDATED: 6/6/2017