Briefcase N-scale layout

This layout was built in an old briefcase. The layout represents a railroad museum.

Construction Details

Base and track

The briefcase interior was strip of padding and the folding pocket. Next, a piece of homosote was attached to the bottom. The track is flexible track that is glue down with some spikes to hold the oval shape.


A hole is drilled through the side. Behind one hill is plug receptacle. The wires are in a trench that was cut into the homosote base and soldered to the track.


The hills are styrofoam, grass is both LifeLike and Woodland ground foam. The building is a Bachmann school house. The street is made from plaster.


The streetcar is a Bachmann Brill trolley with the trolley pole removed. The model is based on streetcars made by GOMACO Corp, Iowa, for the U.S. Park Service.



Size of Briefcase


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